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Cutting edge Video and Audio solutions for CCTV, AI (Artificial Intelligence) motion, intrusion, object removal detection, line crossing detection no more fail alerts. Latest ColorVu cameras with night colour-vision AccuSence allows record high quality audio along with video Very high resolution sensors allows to capture more details Wide angle lens reduce amount of cameras need to cover protected area Double or even triple record protection using cloud recording as well as memory card inside each camera. Access to CCTV via mobile app, instant notifications option to share all or some cameras to 3rd party (business partner, family member etc.) power loss protection to keep cctv operational during power outages, 4G internet backup for internet connectivity issues. Face and number plate recognition

Our CCTV camera security solutions go beyond simple security cameras. Computronic Group installs cutting edge video and audio solutions as our CCTV security systems. These devices have AI motion detection – a system utilizing Artificial Intelligence to detect motion. These smart cameras know how to save power and storage space by watching over an area but only recording when something is about to happen. Owners can even set up virtual parameters – a secret line that can’t be seen or touched – but when something, or someone crosses the line the security system jumps into action. This defensive system will remove false alarms and be able to last much longer than standard wall mounted CCTV cameras.


One of the latest ColorVu cameras has innovated night vision by removing the old black and white display and revitalizing your footage with coloured night vision capabilities. You’ll be able to identify characters by the colors they wear or even objects they have. This technology is so powerful it can detect and record important characteristics such as faces or number plates of unauthorized vehicles.


AccuSence technology completes high quality CCTV footage with crystal clear audio. Computronic Group installed High resolution sensors so you can easily spot what’s happening in your footage. We can even reduce the number of cameras need to survey an area by using our wide-angle lenses and you won’t have to worry about losing footage with backups to the Cloud, double or triple secured; plus an onboard memory card for a physical access to footage instantly.


Moreover our modern security systems further what CCTV security can do. Keep your eyes on all your cameras easily by accessing them through your smartphone or, only get notifications when something is about to happen. You will be able to share this instant, live access with others in your family or business.

Finally, all security systems require power, which can be seen as a weakness that can disable the entire system. If energy providers or the electrical system fails, you don’t have to be vulnerable. Continue monitoring and recording by setting in place a backup power protection system; you don’t even have to lose your remote control by using 4G internet backup connectivity. Give Computronic Group a call to fortify your assets.


As a Local irish business Computronic Group supports many farms when challenging technological issues strike. Farmers form a backbone of society but while they’re so busy ensuring day to day duties, livestock and plantations are in the best condition they hardly have time to worry about electronics.

Computronic Group aims to convince our farmers of the benefits technology can bring to their industry. Looking after livestock is a time-consuming process at best, but it demands even more precious time during calving, lambing and foaling seasons.
Farmer are on call 24/7 much like doctors, performing continuous trips to ensure there’s a helping hand if one is needed. It’s a stressful time and exhausting responsibility however, if a farmer could monitor all their livestock at once attention could be emitted exactly when it needs to be, effectively and efficiently.

Computronic Group can install high tech Calving cameras that will instantly notify farms of motion or noise. Farmers can monitor livestock even in the dark while comfortably at home. Night vision cameras support high resolution to capture more detail for a clear view. These high-tech smart calving cameras are not fragile geek tech; they have solid waterproof housings and robust shatterproof glass; these assets will fit into your farm easily and carefree. Computronic Group can install military grade security cameras with heat sensing, virtual perimeter tracking, night vision, object recognition, AI motion tracking and more. Extend your vision and save your time, contact us for the next available meeting.


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