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The Benefits for schools

Schools today depend on IT systems in every aspect of delivering education, and we can assist in both installation and maintenance of these vital amenities.


Computronic supports the use of local networks for all schools, big or small as they provide clear benefits to workflows while they also contribute to a cleaner more sustainable environment. We install and support these systems with upgrades, repairs, and security. Interested schools should give us a call to set up an in-person meeting where we can evaluate the installation of a network that will cover all the necessary areas. Get us call


Computronic Group understands that most schools either have or, would like to have interactive whiteboards. Interactive whiteboards are also known as smart boards and they replace the traditional whiteboard that requires markers containing harsh chemicals like xylene. Whiteboard were an improved alternative to eve older chalkboards. Interactive whiteboards provide a clean, rich way to display learning material to the entire class, even audio can accompany demonstrations or narration. This technology is seen in the same light as projectors as they both enhance the learning experience by stimulating our senses. There are countless ways in which this technology improves the old blackboards that were used decades ago.

Computronic can install these systems in schools and classrooms while also providing technical support alongside maintenance. Although these interactive whiteboards are far less problematic and robust than a plain plastic whiteboard, they often require some learning to set up. Interactive whiteboards can become even more useful by connecting them to school networks and filesystems. Teachers will be able to access an array of prepared materials, examples, tests and memos without carrying any easy-to-lose flash drives or potentially broken, disks Smart boards can also be used outside of the classroom settings, such as in assemblies or meetings, even fundraisers or events. They’re main characteristic is being able to display media rich content, with the added benefit of being able to naturally and quickly interact with that media. This allows for meetings to be streamlined, secondly it will make for impressive assemblies as attention is captured and engaged, finally students will appreciate the effort to make class more fun, engaging and less draining.


The biggest advantage of projectors is the ability to display recorded presentations, using your laptop or pc. Teachers will easily start using charts, images, and colorful media in lessons. The goal: students who may get confused or are unable to picture the image understood from the text or, concept of the lesson, will be able to understand better when given visual aid. Researchers tested children who were in nursery or playgroups and found they learn better with visual and pictorial references displayed by a projector. Trying to achieve the same benefit: schools use large colorful posters and graphics – however, a sustainable alternative exists...

Computronic Group helps schools select and install the best projectors for what they need. Fixed projectors are a good choice for assemblies as well as office rooms that will encourage usage and better communicate meetings. Projectors are available in many forms and fashions, but they generally operate similarly. They emit bright light to compete with the natural ambient light during the day, as such they tend to get quite hot so they must have fans. Fans do a good job of cooling projectors down but the air we experience is hardly clean. Projectors need to be maintained and cleaned as dust and other contaminants found in the air build up. Computronic Group highly suggests using SLAs (service level agreement) to make this a hassle-free process. We will conveniently clean and inspect all projectors monthly like routine work. If need be, projectors can be taken down and dismantled for further inspection or quick repair. If they need to be looked at further, we won’t take too long to diagnose the fault. Well maintained projectors will last years and may even reach a decade, though the initial quality of the device is the biggest factor to consider when considering longevity. Don’t be discouraged – projectors are a worthwhile investment even with the maintenance they require. When factoring in all the resources that using a projector saves the fiscal decision is clear.

Teachers will teach concepts in ways they know will resonate with their classes and students will notice the difference. After all, the projector was a sensation because education providers invested in their unique specialty.


Office administration systems and printing Computronic Group uses these systems ourselves – most businesses do. As such Computronic supports schools in selecting the correct software and hardware for their needs and wants. Printing will still be necessary even with projectors and local school networks we’ve mentioned above; some things just need to be on good old-fashioned paper.

The idea behind automation and ICT systems is to reduce the amount of resources needed – not entirely eliminate. Any school, any office – should have their own reliable printer. Printers provide an essential service of outputting information onto a tangible media which cannot be replaced by digital tools. Having a good printer should make day to day duties easier and faster. Although not all printers are made equal, most office printers will do their job; it’s just a question for how long, as some manufactures cut costs at the expense of quality. This will inevitably become the client’s problem and, most likely on the worst, most important, busiest day possible.

Computronic Group has been in business long enough to have a good idea of the devices that will and wont last. Beyond physical sturdiness is the functionality and ease-of-use. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a printer that does it all, we have those but setting them up isn’t so straight forward and user manuals aren’t much help when they expect everything to go right. Computronic Group provides a service to many schools that buys them a dedicated technical support team. We carry out physical inspections with necessary maintenance on appliances and we also provide support with supplies that keep your machines running such as ink and paper.

If you need a program to do a specific something or whish you had a printer connected to your laptop from a remote location so you can print those documents ready for the morning collection. Maybe, your office would benefit from having a centralized system with remote access and security to ensure natural disasters don’t leave the office empty, and work on hold. These are the systems Computronic Group specialized in – ICT and security.

Give every educator and student the power of Office 365 Education on all their devices, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Microsoft Teams, and free classroom tools. When you use Office 365 Education in the classroom, your students learn a suite of skills and applications that employers value most. Whether it’s Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Access or OneNote, prepare students for their futures today. Build collaborative classrooms, connect in professional learning communities, and connect with colleagues when you get Office 365 – which includes Microsoft Teams and is free for your entire school. Access all the training and support you need to create a safe, secure, and collaborative learning environment.

One place for organization

The ultimate digital notebook, OneNote helps you organize class materials and easily collaborate with students and colleagues.

Access anytime, anywhere, from any device

Bring conversations, content, and apps together all from a single Office 365 Education experience. Collaborate in real time without
boundaries, and without worrying about lost formatting.

Simplify class management

Create classes and groups for Teams, Intune for Education, and more for free with School Data Sync.


School security should cover all measures taken to defend against threats to people and property in the school. Especially in recent times news outlets globally, have shared how dangerous schools can become for our children. One idea that is constantly connected to school security is safety, which is defined as the sheltering of students from violence and bullying, as well as exposure to harmful elements such as drugs, guns, and gang activity. Schools by their nature are generally kept open to the public which puts them at risk for invasion from outsiders as well as attacks from internal members. Thankfully there are many ways and tools to implement in the school that will help protect students and school property. CCTV surveillance is one of the most common measures seen in schools but unless they are smart cameras with remote control and motion sensing, they can be somewhat unreliable. Computronic Group prefers to use smart cameras with powerful AI powered motion sensing and object detection. These cameras have high resolution and even night vision. While night vision may not seem very useful - we also have bi-spectrum cameras that can display night vision in colour to help identify persons and objects which will remove the advantage of acting under the cover of darkness.

There are certain places in schools where traffic should be heavily controlled and monitored as they contain sensitive information which is evaluated by the department of education. Access control systems are a full proof measure for controlling restricted areas and logging entries about who accessed they area. Access control systems provide a physical barrier as apposed to cameras which just monitor a space. As such they also provide protect for teachers and students who may be in a threatening situation. Schools can make use of their added security for constructing defensive evacuation routines as preparation for unannounced violence. Computronic Group believes schools should not leave the safety of children to the belief that an education facility will not be targeted. In recent history schools have become a challenging place for parents to send their loved ones to, which is why Computronic also offers military grade security equipment for schools who want parents and their children, to feel safe and cared for.

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