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The benefits for small

The Benefits for small businesses

Computronic understands how startups can be a stressful and difficult thing to do which is why we over an all – round solution for your ICT need.

Your business will need Internet access

With our all - encompassing approach we will openly consult with you to help you choose a service provider – from there you can tackle other challenges while we install the cabling to connect your access points and routers. Your POS system will benefit greatly from internet access. We will connect and configure all your devices to link together and create a system that - just works. Setting up your network correctly will lessen future downtime and keep all your devices connected, such as printers – speaking of which.... need to start with the most important, then gradually work toward the consultation.

Ensuring customers can contact you Phone structure

Calls are a valuable channel for your customers to engage in. Without reliable telephone systems or management, you could lose potential sales and worse yet – damage your growing brand.

Computronic can implement these unseen contributors with a phone system that works for you. We can install automated responses, time specific responses, automated redirecting and more. Even if you cannot get a reliable phone provider all we need is internet access to make use of our VoIP phones which work anywhere you have internet.

Enabling your business with Printing

Printing might not seem necessary in this digital age however the chances are slim that you won't ever need to hand over a physical receipt or invoice. Even online businesses need to mail invoices to clients who request them. Not only does your sales require hard copies but your keeping your accounting records can become tricky if you don’t have a details system. When networks are down or service providers such as your email provider have maintenance, you will need a backup. Computronic can source, connect, configure, and maintain your printers once off or with an all- inclusive SLA (service level agreement).

Last but not least Security

As a small business you may feel your business will not be targeted for attacks because bigger companies are far more valuable. Attackers are known for targeting small businesses because the “big guys” have definitely been covered.

A survey commissioned by Typetec and conducted by Censuswide of more than 200 Irish business owners in firms of up to 150 employees and found that 95% of those had cyber- attacks attempted. While physical robbery is far lower it’s comforting to know that Computronic can provide rugged cybersecurity solutions as well as high tech CCTV, motion detection, fire prevention, access control and more!

Beginning with the most important challenge Receiving payments

There are a lot of ways, tools and software to achieve receiving payments from your clients. Computronic can help you through consultation: where we discuss your aims, needs, goals and budget to determine the best system for you. Even if you’re an online only business computronic will configure your payment gateways hassle free giving you more time to focus on planning and growth.

Your options as a new business are vast from:

  • Card machines
  • POS systems
  • Tills & receipt printers
  • Payment gateways
  • Supporting digital wallets

Depending on your business structure this list only gets longer – you'll find comfort knowing Computronic has all that covered.


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