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Internet Network Solutions

Computronic Group covers a wide range of expert services. We don’t limit our services to industry professionals or large organisations – You can get the same quality technology professionally installed in your own home or small business whether you’ve been in the market for years or just starting your new venture Computronic Group will offer you an obligation free quote for the systems you need to take the next step.


Internet access
Wi- Fi extensions &
coverage solutions
IT infrastructure

Internet Access Solutions

From setting up a brand- new service to getting specialized Starlink access – we do it all. For small businesses and homes who need new internet access we can provide professional advice for which service provider suits your needs. Once you decide we can take over and get your internet sorted, invest your time on other tasks and let us deal with the headaches.

Starlink is a technology that uses satellites in orbit to deliver high speed internet access to even the most remote locations. The service is reliable and the perfect solution for a lack of telecommunication infrastructure.

For companies – when dealing with a large premisses getting internet access to all the right spots can be a nightmare, we’ve seen clients use Wi- Fi boosters to a disappointing end. Computronic Group can inspect and identify the best technology to use for your premisses. We can utilise P2P (point 2 point) solutions if you need access in an entirely different location. We tunnel and set cabling neatly and inconspicuously to provide high speed reliable network access to all dead zones. We can even install fibre optics internet solutions too – we are fully licenced by the Firbre Optic Association!

Wi-Fi extensions & coverage solutions

If you’re struggling with weak or unsatisfactory Wi- Fi speeds – stop bad wifi signal today. Computronic Group is very experienced with dead zones and slow performing wifi networks.
We use issue - based technology – which translates to our professional suggestion for the technology you should invest in to settle your internet issues. Slow internet doesn’t have to be an issue and reliable internet can uplift your business or quality of life whether you need it for entertainment or day to day transactions.

We are also capable to monitor, manage and repair lots of network issue through our cloud base control panel. Lots of customers have put trust in us with this solution.

IT infrastructure maintenance

Computronic provides maintenance solutions and organisation services. Companies that have in - house data centres, switches or servers may occasionally run into the nightmare of replacing components or organising cables – a lot can go wrong especially when cables are unlabelled.
Computronic can efficiently save you valuable space by using cabinets designed to hold your devices in a safe, neat space.
Give us a call or send us an email to discuss what maintenance you need on your IT infrastructure. Write to us

Telephone solutions

Computronic Group has a team of technicians who are able to install and set up VoIP phone systems or classical telephone systems that will open up your business to a new channel of receiving customers.

  • Use VoIP phones if you can’t get a reliable provider – it uses your internet system (which we can also set up if you need) to make and receive calls.
  • Whether you need a couple classic telephones or many phones on had we will help you decide the best solution to achieve your goal

Whether it’s your home or work, we offer comprehensive internet network set up and support, as well as network extensions faster and easier than ever.

We offer comprehensive Internet Network set up and support, as well as Network Extensions. If you find your internet coverage at home or work just isn’t up to scratch, get in touch with us! We can check out your network, and let you know what would suit you better, be it signal boosters or a whole new system.
To provide the best possible service for you, we prefer to use cables for your network but will use Wi- Fi if needs be (if you would prefer to have your own electrician work on this part of the process, that’s no problem!). Either way, we can carry out the whole process, installation through to support.

Just look at testimonials from some of our happy customers!


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