Not being able to use your phone or Tablet, for whatever reason, is an absolute pain these days, and we want to do everything we can to help. Whether your screen is cracked, your earphone port is on its last legs, or the whole thing seems beyond repair, bring it into the shop, where we’ll assess the damage free of charge!
We have a broad range of parts in stock, covering all the major manufacturers, and anything we don’t have, we can get!
We also have a lot of experience with software problems, and if for some reason we can’t help you, we won’t charge you a cent!
*Cost of repair varies depending on make and model, particular issue etc.


Phone Unlocking: Having your phone locked to a network can be a pain, especially when you’re being charged too much.

We can change that! Phone unlocks usually take a maximum of 48 hours (but we’ll be as quick as we can!).

The exact time will depend on the phone and network, and please keep in mind Apple products generally take longer to unlock, and will cost more.


Through our time working in IT repair, we’ve seen it all, and nowhere is this truer than in the field of laptop and computer repair. Broken ports, screens, hardware upgrades, liquid damages, not working components, we’ve seen and done it all, so rest assured your laptop will be in safe hands at Computronic!
If you’re worried that our repairs will cause your data and files to be lost, don’t be! Rather than installing blank drives and leaving the customer to sort the painstaking transfer, we’ll do it for you!
We’ll also thoroughly clean your device, removing dust and debris from the outside and internal workings.

Many software providers release patches and updates for their products to correct security concerns and improve functionality. Most modern software and applications update automatically but of course, that’s not always working so we can help with this issue.

Updates for Windows

Microsoft provides regular automatic updates for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. Older versions of Windows are unsupported, and if you’re using an older version, consider upgrading. (Note that Windows 7 and 8 is no longer supported).

Updates for Apple

Apple generally provides updates for the latest and immediately previous versions of its operating system, but not for older versions. We offer upgrades to outdated platforms.

We provide comprehensive security solutions to our clients that allow them to carry out their work, safe in the knowledge that their computer and vital data is protected and secure.
Threats to a company’s network are many but the most common are spread over the internet and include:

  • Ransomware (Encryption software)
  • Spyware, Malware & Adware
  • Viruses, Worms & Trojans
  • Data Theft/ Computer Hackers
  • Spam

However internal attacks are one of the biggest threats facing business data and systems and need to be managed accordingly. Examples are:

  • Downloading of illegal files using company PCs
  • Copying of (sensitive) company information to USB memory devices
  • Access to non- approved websites on the company network

At Computronic we work with our clients to help them to define IT security policies that are designed to protect against such threats.

Some of the software suppliers we use for our services:


Data Recovery is something that all our customers will need from time to time, going all the way from smartphones to commercial till systems.
If your media storage device has stopped working, we can remove it and recover files and data using specialized programmes. If we’re unable to restore specific data that you need, we send the device to a dedicated laboratory, who have the facilities to disassemble the drive in sealed lab conditions.

This option can be quite expensive, so we recommend it only in critical situations.


Apple products are great, but we know how expensive it can be to fix a problem with your Mac or iPhone.

At Computronic, we can fix any problem you have with your Apple product, for a fraction of the potential price at official outlets, with no reduction in quality of service!

We offer brand new replacement parts, official network unlocking, thorough physical cleaning, software and hardware upgrades, and much more!


Computronic Group also facilitates call - outs to your home, institution, or business to install your new TV system.

We are fully equipped to install wall- mounted TVs as well as fully configure them so you may begin using them from the moment we leave.

We have a team of knowledgeable members who each one have their strengths in electronics. Should one of our technicians get stuck another will bring a fresh inspection to the device. Once the issue has been identified we can provide a realistic recommendation to our clients. As workers in the industry, we try to reduce electronic waste by repairing devices however there are occasions where the decision falls on the consumer as it is not always economical or even possible to repair.

Computronic Group works with local providers and technicians to deliver professional installations and convenient services. We can install TV systems for Saorview as well as UK Satellite Channels or – why not – have them both with Dual Combo Enjoy 100+ UK Channels, 11 Irish Channels & 9 Radio stations


Here at Computronic, we know all too well how difficult it can be to get help with an IT issue when living in an isolated area. To help our customers who may not be able to make it into Clonakilty, we’re glad to have introduced our new service,
Remote Support!
How it works is simple; we help you to download a program onto your device, which we can then use to see exactly what’s happening, and hopefully fix the problem. To try this service out, just give us a ring, and we’ll guide you on how to setup our Global support module, which can be downloaded below. All you need to do then is tell us when the program is open, and then sit back as we connect to your computer and attempt to do whatever we can to resolve the issue!

We now do TV repairs - Computronic group

Prices start from €100 - What are you paying for?

A simple philosophy of experienced & skilled labor – we understand that sometimes the damage isn't worth the cost of repair, and we will inform you should that be the case. Unlike other repair shops we do not undervalue our staff or their time. If the issue is quickly resolved, you are only charged for the parts that were used and the time it took.

Computronic Guarantee

Repairs of all products are under guarantee against the recurrence of the same fault for 3 months from date of repair completion.

location / opening hours

Located on Ashe street through Clonakilty just after the Clonakilty hotel we’re open from Monday through to Saturday from 9:30am to 5:30pm.


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