Our IT solutions company builds small, medium and large networks, for schools, construction sites and other local businesses.

We’ll set up Wi-Fi extenders, upgrade you to fibre and offer remote and on-site support. After installing your IT infrastructure, we’ll help you maintain them too.

Internet network solutions

Our qualified installers are fully insured and experienced in the installation and upkeep of our network solutions. We’ll make your Wi-Fi travel further with extenders, get it running faster and more reliably with fibre optics, or implement satellite broadband using Starlink. Find out more

TV and Satellite solutions

Our team of experts will recommend you the best TV or satellite solution for you and help you with the installation. We can guide you through how to use it and give advice on maintenance. We offer these solutions for both commercial and residential premises. Find out more

The benefits for small businesses

Network solutions can help you stay competitive and keep your employees connected and productive, putting everyone on the same page. Efficiency will be improved, costs lowered and flexibility and capability enhanced with multiple devices connected on the same network. Upgrade your business

The Benefits for Schools

Technology opens up so many possibilities in schools and workplaces. From interactive whiteboards and projectors to office administration systems, we help you harness the best technology for your business. Find out more



From humble origins in a small unit at Faxbridge, Clonakilty, Computronic, formerly Smartech, is an established company with a vision that has steadily grown over the past few years. Its move to larger premises in Ashe Street, Clonakilty has facilitated the provision of more services and the employment of skilled and enthusiastic staff so that the company is now more than an electronics repair shop.


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