At Computronic, we can build or redesign your website, develop apps and help you power your business with cloud-based solutions.

Our team will work alongside you with everything from branding to digital marketing services, social media and SEO to graphic design, to help your business thrive.

Website development

Building a new website or app needs professional design so you can provide a great user experience. That’s why you want an experienced team, to help you create that customised experience that appeals to your target audience. Find out more


Having a strong brand with a clear visual identity is just as important as the services you offer in today’s world. Build your brand awareness and take control of your marketing to reach new audiences and boost your bottom line. Find out more

Cloud-based solutions

Collaboration is key, and with cloud-based solutions, it’s simple too. Microsoft 365 puts everyone on the same page, while ESET antivirus solutions keep you and your company safe online. We’ll help you find the right solution and get the most out of it. Find out more

Get protected with cybersecurity

The risks and potential costs of cybercrime are growing, and it’s not only big companies being attacked. Small businesses and startups are particularly at risk, and if you’re handling customer data, prevention is better than cure. Talk to a Computronic expert to find out how to protect yourself. Find out more

Illumination projectors

The compilation of moving images displayed on the facades of public buildings is an innovative and extremely attractive way to introduce an extraordinary atmosphere at Christmas, Easter or on the occasion of any event or historical anniversary. Find out more



From humble origins in a small unit at Faxbridge, Clonakilty, Computronic, formerly Smartech, is an established company with a vision that has steadily grown over the past few years. Its move to larger premises in Ashe Street, Clonakilty has facilitated the provision of more services and the employment of skilled and enthusiastic staff so that the company is now more than an electronics repair shop.


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