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Limerick Junction Stockpile Calculations

Drone Works | October 06 2022 | lukaszb

Another very clever use of high-tech drones is using them to conduct extremely accurate stockpile reports for companies who deal with hard to manage materials. Many organisations have dedicated many resources and time to developing methods to understand how much soil, rock, concrete, woodorother raw materials. Conventional methods may involve individuals hired torecord and manually count or calculate materials, thereafter, forming areport based on those calculations. This has been proven to be inaccurate and prone to mistakes; this can cause gross overestimations which lead tosupply issues and ultimately down-time.

On the other side of the spectrum, robotic techniques for stocktaking aresteadily replacing manual stock takes, especially for larger warehouses anddistribution centres. Robots are more effective than humans when it comesto picking up differences and can also be used to detect and sort inventoryfrom afar. The ability to perform repetitive tasks that require a high level ofprecision and fine motor skills is important when using a robot. In order toautomate the stock taking process, you need an array of supportive systemsthat will control the robots and react to changing environments.

Computronic Group uses high grade survey drones which can even beprogrammed to conduct routine surveys on their own, only being supervisedby a qualified piolet. The benefit of this automation is getting an exact replicaof previous surveys which is advantageous to creating more accurate reportsand comparisons.

Computronic Group is leading by example by using drones to help construction companies to do their stock take on a very accurate scale. Many people both inside and outside of the construction, mining and raw material supply industries still doubt the accuracy of stockpile reports generated by drone surveys. Computronic is on a mission to break this assumption as most sceptics fail to understand that the technology being used today by our drones is very accurate and is supported by special software that is created especially for the purposes of stock take. Further more, conventional methods of acquiring stockpile reports areproven to be inaccurate when compared to reports done professionally with commercial grade drones and software. As such, it’s far better to use drones to conduct stock take and further the value of stock take reports by utilizing the additional layers of data that drones provide. Not only do drones usespecial cameras that can even measure material density, but they can also provide valuable data about the traffic of material being movedand the spreadof material that is often overlooked.
Computronic Group has provided this service to distribution centres near Limerick Junction where we scan their stock piles deliver them data dense Reports, where they can view their inventory and layer data in the comfort oftheir offices. They are confident that our reports reflect a true representation oftheir resources because they have access to the data that has been directly gathered by our drone fleet. This prevents mistakes and ultimately puts themat a higher standard as a quality supplier for their customers.

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