BLOG Security Systems: Cctv Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms And Access Control

Security Systems: Cctv Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms And Access Control

Security | September 19 2022 | michal
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You can build a customized security system, including a security alarm, fire (and smoke) alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, video surveillance, environmental sensors, and monitoring. Essentially you can have a military grade security system. We are able to build several types of security systems – like a burglar alarm, environmental sensors, video surveillance and mobile-friendly technology – so that you can personalize a security system for your home. For more information about a security system, video camera systems, fire alarm systems, and the other services and products we provide, contact Computronic Group today.

If you are still on the fence about whether you want a traditional or a smart home security system, working with a trusted services provider is the best choice – you don’t want problematic installers. If you have a home security system, it gives your family, guests, and nannies the feeling of safety. With a monitored security system, your alarm company can alert the fire department the moment they see a spark or flame spark.

Then (assuming you have installed a monitored security system), an alarm usually will notify a security monitoring company, which may notify police, if necessary. A loud alert is sounding, and most of the time, the security monitoring company is automatically be alerted. In addition to the system itself, security alarms are usually coupled with a monitoring service. A security alarm is a system designed to detect an intrusion (an unauthorized entrance) – in a building or other space, like a home or school.

In practical terms, a security electric fence is a type of sensor array which acts as (or as part of) a physical barrier, psychological deterrent for would-be intruders, and part of a security alarm system. Home security systems operate with a simple concept: Secure entry points to the house should be equipped with sensors, which communicate with a control panel, or command center, installed at a convenient location in a house. Burglar alarms are basic systems consisting of a keypad, siren, and contact sensors, whereas smart security systems are more robust with added smart features, such as surveillance cameras, 24-hour central station monitoring, glass-break and flood sensors, remote monitoring, and health and energy-management features. At the other end of the spectrum is the fully integrated entry control system, controlling several buildings, that seamlessly integrates features from a security video surveillance system, electronic visitor management, intrusion detection, lighting, fire alarm, elevator control, and other systems, if necessary. As previously state – essentially military grade; you may have seen similar technology in political movies.

Organizations may deploy various parts of a basic access, video, and intrusion systems over time, knowing they are interoperable, and eventually they may be combined in one comprehensive security system. In other words organisations who cannot afford one big upgrade to make their assets impenetrable can actually slow stack on layers of security which will eventually all work together.

To safeguard the hard work of business owners and employees across, Computronic Group offers the most advanced alarm systems, video surveillance, and access control systems available in Ireland. You may have to have a separate fire alarm installed, or one can be included with your home security system. Also, a free tip – we recommend talking to your homeowners insurance agent to see if you qualify for additional discounts on home insurance when you get your new security system upgrade, it’s better to start with some systems before others if you want to reduce insurance costs.

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