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Here at Computronic Group we provide professional electronics repair services using high-quality parts for phones, tablets, laptops, computers, and other gadgets. Now these original parts do come at higher market value which is a trade-off we believe in. Computronic is a data and technology first company which has experimented with the use of lower grade, compatible and more affordable parts. Our findings is an increased rate of returns and part failures, therefore the decision was made to continue with premium quality only.

We offer repairs on the most commonly used phones of today, like the iPhone 6,7,8 up to 14, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Xiaomi and others. We offer various repair services for computers, from Laptop Screen Repair to Data Recovery, we most likely have what you need; just check in with a call. In the range of Apple products, we cover iPhone, iPad, MacBook, AppleWatch and Mac repair services.

Computronic Group is the most trusted repair Shop in Clonakilty, offering to service and fix your cracked laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The technicians here are artisans at electronics repair. We have technicians who specialize in different devices which allows us to cover a wide range of servies.

Mobile phone repairs, iPods, iPads, tablet devices, laptop repairs, MP3 players, gaming consoles, drones, and some other electronics are all repaired by Computronic. Fixing and repairing consumer electronics. We offer a wide variety of services which branch out of electronic repair. As a company with a strong interest in helping ensure the world we know is a better place to live, we refurbish devices to prolong their lifespans, and we keep perfectly good electronics from ending up in our landfills by recycling used batteries and parts appropriately. There is absolutely no justifiable reason to send new lithium batteries into landfills where their only service would be pollution.

Our service can be seen as an insurance to let you stay connected to what matters most by providing quick, easy, and affordable repair in the event of drops to operating system issues, the experts at Computronic Group can help return your phone to good health with our cell phone repairs.

If you choose to move forward with repairs, our technicians will go to work cleaning up and debugging your beloved device, all the while updating you with their progress. Give us the thumbs-up, and our Mobile-based, pro-game console technicians get right to inspecting, cleaning, and fixing your device. Either way, we can help get you the latest software updates installed to keep you safe from malicious intruders and keep your phone working as it is supposed to. Schedule your Android or iPhone repair online, or simply stop in at any one of our store to have your smartphone repaired today.

We often get asked what is wrong with the device and It all depends on your device, but generally, we can repair battery failures, fix water damage, fix cracked screens, and fix other physical damages. Whether you need iPhone repairs, or any other high-end device like Samsung phones. When doing electronics repairs, we offer customers a limited 3 month extended warranty for devices that leave our store working.

Customers generally are unwilling to pay the full cost for the parts, when a trained technician will do a cheaper job repairing damage by replacing smaller components on a circuit board. Many computers are now shipped with components that are stuck together, so when one component fails, a customer has to ship the entire unit for repairs. Today, if a consumer can even peel back the lid on his device, it is likely that they will find components either glued together or soldered together, making a straightforward replacement an arms length away from the repair shop.

People are fairly accustomed to that concept when they are dealing with older cars and appliances, but advocates of the right-to-repair claim modern technology – particularly anything with a computer chip in it — is rarely fixable. The spread of internet-connected smart devices is adding to a flood of items that are difficult to fix, consumer advocates say. Even appliances, long bastions of fixability, are increasingly using computing chips, which could make them harder to fix in the future. As products get harder to repair, the idea for access to repair tools is growing, however there is a flip side.

The idea follows a broad push for reforms in the right-to-repair system, which would ensure owners and independent repairers such us Computronic Group would have access to all of the materials, parts and tools needed to repair todays devices. Repair advocates are not only focused on consumer tech, either, as they also highlighted the need for repairs to smart tractors, medical devices, and much more.

There are a lot of accessories that you can buy in our tech repair store or for your computer. In conclusion the right-to-repair is a movement that big organisations such as Apple have been proven to be against. While their own customers are for this idea, Computronic Group believes customers would be satisfied knowing their device can always be repaired in the event of an accident. Until this movement becomes enforceable some devices will unfortunately become obsolete and end up in a landfill.

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